May 2, 2011

So yeah it was Mary Katranzou who paved the way for our interiors* and furniture to be worn as clothes.  But look now, Caterina Gatta is using fabrics, wallpaper-lookalikes to make dresses and also stylist Damian Foxx  is using actual wallpapers to make couture for the financial times’ pages.  The line between indoors and outdoors is thinner now!

*well not mine per se

caterina gatta via the block, decorarts

cheetah prints

April 7, 2011

While fashion trends tend to turn everything bland after a while, animal prints will always have a certain edge.

pics via:  coolhunting, shopbop

belle sauvage

April 5, 2011

Can you ever get enough of a kaleidoscopic digital print, done the (very) right way? I know I can’t! Some lace added here and there makes the mix a lot more yami!

belle sauvage via sixsixsix

feeling stripey

April 4, 2011

pics via: asos,  facehunter

DIY couture

March 21, 2011

For all you crafty girls out there, this is your A to Z .  She has it all figured it out, you chose the look you want to make and DIY couture provides you with a booklet with the pattern and visual info to help you make it all by yourself! Cute isn’t it?

DIY couture

the magician

March 18, 2011

Months ago inspired by a certain Killers video I was planning on making black feather shoulder pads but never got to finish them. Saturday comes and yes it does hosts the magician, a party with a call for glitz and frills. And I ‘m making them and wearing them and then Bad Spencer comes along and says: I like your interpretation of the Black Swan! Noooooo!

diy magic wand, suitable for the occasion!

in the making



March 9, 2011


setareh mohtarez

porcelain 1

March 4, 2011

Don’t you just love this shiny texture?

go for more: nymphenburg


February 18, 2011


michael kors via fashion copious


January 27, 2011

amazing harness by zana bayne, melody ehsani, bevel nyc