zurich snapshots

November 3, 2009

This weekend I went to visit my sister in Basel, Switzerland where she was having her graduation party. After a lot of fuss we finally got to visit Zurich for half a day! Luckily the weather was great and we could stroll around without our ears fallin off our heads from the cold.  The city is so clean and tidy that you could literaly eat from the pavement (is this a greek phrase translated in english?) For those of us who live in Athens this is a perfect place to “zen”, our hectic city is the complete opposite! zurich


2 Responses to “zurich snapshots”

  1. marianne said

    my childhood friend lives in basel,i’ve never been there (or anywhere else for that matter, as i don’t fly, did you have fun? congrats to your sis.

  2. the1015lab said

    Thank you! Well, this time I had a blast! Every swiss friend of my sister learned how to swear in greek, apart from that it was great, the weather was sunny and everyone was outside in a very good mood! Basel snapshots coming soon

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