Sonia Rykiel for H&M

November 5, 2009

Did you know that Sonia Rykiel has designed a lingerie line for H&M? I didn’t. I ‘m reading it will be launched in 1500 stores worldwide on December 5!  

a) That’s cool because H&M lingerie are plain boring.

b) While I don’t particularly looove Sonia Rykiel from the first pictures I saw these oldtimer bras are not bad, although a bit dull aren’t they?

c) Get ready for some big queues (definitely smaller than the Jimmy Choo ones)

The press release announces a second line featuring the signature striped knits but seems they will only be for kids!  So the first pictures that leaked (thank you internet) give us a hint of the collection:

sonia rykiel


2 Responses to “Sonia Rykiel for H&M”

  1. marianne said

    wow, wraia fainontai epanw se autes tis monteles. an ta petyxw tha protimisw tis rozalies gia kati pio romantiko. mesa apo tis xevamenes, xilioplymenes formes kai ta xeskismena tshirt pou foraw gia na koimithw, tha kanoun sigoura enan poly aisthisiako syndyasmo!haha, paei to erixa to epipedo!
    no, really they seem fine. i’m not sure i can deal with the chaos that will ensue the launch though

  2. the1015lab said

    hahahhah! yeah me too, definately need a pair of stockings (like the pink ones on the right) to match my blue patchwork pajamas with the teddy bears. Did I just spoil my fashionista image?..
    Thought so.

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