Who I met at the M.E.E.T. market part 1

November 7, 2009

Anna from “Lila Ruby King”  and her lovely birds!  So here is what she told me about helself:

*Tell us a few words about your background, where did you grow up, how long have you been here, what do you like about Athens ?

I’m originally from Perth , Australia , and I’ve been living here in Athens for three years now. Athens is a crazy place to live, sometimes I love it and sometimes it drives me mad, which I think is the case for everyone who lives here. I love how close everything is, and that I don’t need to own a car, I can get where I need to go on public transport, and in the city centre on foot. I love how big the city centre is, and it is full of hidden shops and cafes that you find one day and can never find again. There is some piece of history almost on every corner, right next to 4 lane street or pharmacy or a kiosk. It’s like the city itself is organic and growing on top of itself, and has been for a thousand years and will be for another thousand. This is a novel thing for someone from such a new place as Australia , where buildings that are 150 years old are considered heritage.

 *When did you start making jewelry?

At university I studied art, majoring in print media. I had always thought of making jewellery as something I would like to learn, and when I finished at university, I started a new course in jewellery design.

*Where do you draw your inspiration?

I grew up surrounded by animals and gardens and this is one of the things I notice most that is missing from my life right here in the centre of the city. My work now is all about filling my world up again with birds and plants and all things that grow.

*What is your creative procedure? Do you enjoy the idea as much as the realisation?

I think sometimes I produce more ideas than I do work. When you are making things, you have to apply reality to them. Is a certain idea even possible to make? You have to think about what they cost to produce, and will people buy them. Ideas and drawings and sketches and designs are free, it is not important if they function or if other people like them. At the same there is nothing like finishing a piece, and the result being just as you had imagined or better.

*Is it a full time job for you? If yes what are the diffuculties you came across and you still deal with?

This is what I do full time. The main difficulty I had when I moved here to Greece , was restarting my business. The government here makes it extremely hard for small business people, which is really sad. I’m not sure how people who are just starting out can afford the costs and the hassles.  To this day I still find myself wanting to tear my hair out over certain forms and booklets and that sort of thing!

*What do you think about M.E.E.T. Market and the  buyers in general? Do you think people support indie and diy?

I think the Meet Market is a great event. It is not at all like any art market I’ve ever been to, it is as much a social event as an art/craft market. It is great that so many people are interested in indie and handmade that they come along to shop. I think there is far too much mass produced goods out there in the marketplace, it means that we are starting to lose variety and choice. I don’t think enough people see that this is happening or think of it as a problem. I do think that awareness is starting to increase though, maybe with the recent economic crisis, people are starting to be wary of giant corporations whose business activities are hidden from public view, and now we are starting to appreciate small, independent businesses which are transparent, where you can deal with the owner, the designer, the manager, the financer, who are more often than not the same person! It is great that there is a venue such as the Meet Market, that gives small business people and artists an opportunity to get started and get their work seen.

You can find her 2d work, prints and some pins and earrings at: annarubyking.etsy.com

lila ruby 1

 and her jewelry at:  lilarubyking.etsy.com

lila ruby 2


4 Responses to “Who I met at the M.E.E.T. market part 1”

  1. Alecca said

    I agree with ur interviewee, the Meet Market is like no other event in this town and there are always a lot of unusual and cool items on display, plus you get to meet the person behind the object. I like Anna’s work! nice interview;)

  2. it's me! said

    thelo ki allo!

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