plaid: check!

November 12, 2009

Not much to say here! Last week I had one of these Inditex moments where I bought this plaid shirt dress along with the black leggings. Needless to say this thing has become something like a uniform, just like the lace up boots!  Dear 90’s, the only thing missing is to cut my hair short and start listening to Ugly Kid Joe (ok this is not gonna happen anytime soon)


shirt and leggings: zara, belt: gift (another 90’s relic), shoes: spiliopoulos


7 Responses to “plaid: check!”

  1. ugly kid joe!!! ha! blast from the past. I love plaid. man how i love plaid.

  2. Alecca said

    yeap, plaid is good. and so is that zip on your tights, loving it.

  3. marianne said

    i’ll never get bored of this look. plaid.4evah. it’a beautiful day in the neighborhood, wont you be my neighbor? haha, ugly kid joe

  4. the1015lab said

    My, I remember girls from school wearing plaid pants with Ellesse yellow boots! Did you have this too? What a nightmare!

  5. the1015lab said

    Do you remember this? (I do because I totally rocked it – sarcasm mark needed here) Vichy plaid men’s shirt with leggings and Fila shoes! OMG..

  6. marianne said

    oh no! not those shoes!!!

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