bunny ears

November 19, 2009

What’s going on with these bunny ears? Are they a trend? Actually wearable in the streets?  Why do I keep seeing them all over the web? Until now it was mostly a catwalk thing but many editorials feature them as well!  Then it was the lookbook and then the monoxious blog posted a  d.i.y bunny ears project, not to mention the Topshop’s version.. I think they are kinda funny and cute! Maybe I will make them my next craft project and wear them at the Y.I.D.S.I.D christmas edition!


clockwise from left: russian Elle via fashionising, diy ears via monoxious, top shop, mxmarion


3 Responses to “bunny ears”

  1. m said

    not sure they would make great streetwear but they seem a fine party choice. especially the ones in russian elle (make those, they are kind of dark but still sweet)
    [sorry for the no-show :(]

  2. the1015lab said

    I like those too! No biggie, you will come the next time! (kanonise na min ertheis pali tha ginei tis kakomoiras! TIS KAKOMOIRAS!)

  3. m said

    nononono. next time, fo sho. oxi alles pseutikes yposxeseis!

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