jethro cave

November 24, 2009

A year ago I didn’t even know he existed, some runway miles later he is the N.B.T. Although I like his attitude, I expected a little bit more from the son of Nick – God- Cave!  Nevertheless he is hot hot hot (if you like androgynous look – which i like – i could also marry Molko – but this doesn’t mean I still like Placebo –  I used to, though – in highschool)  

background pic hedi slimane, the good son pic alessandro da buoni via


3 Responses to “jethro cave”

  1. m said

    not bad, not bad at all!

  2. oh wow. to be Nick Cave’s son imagine the stories you’d hear instead of goodnight fairytails.

  3. the1015lab said

    🙂 b. so true!
    With his genes he can do anything! I just hope he doesn’t end up another wreck of life with inferiority complex and a drug problem..

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