November 26, 2009

This summer when I needed a very special handmade necklace my friend Superkaterina was there to make it true! Thanks Bianca for introducing me to this girl, who is not only a very talented designer but also a rrrrriot! Funny, modest, resourceful with an impressive bio I ‘m telling you: she attended Trash Art and Recycle Art,  she collaborated with ΔΕΣΤΕ, with Manifactura and the list goes on! Recently Benaki Museum (Peiraios 138) added to the shop her line called “animals against humanity”! Sooo here is her interview (point of view!)

*Tell us a few words about your background!

My background? Arsakeio (έλεος) Vakalo and photography in Staurakou. No flashy studies abroad!.. Sounds boring? Cultural background,  punk rock, metal, disco, 80’s, the basics!!

*How did you start making  jewelry?

Summer of 99 I faced these amazing  plastic insects with transparent wings!! I tied them in fishing line, added the closure,  two beads and a plastic jasmin flower! Then I got more beads,  more stuff, more parts, then I stopped stringing beads on the fishing line! Κοσμήματα κάνω όχι κομπολόγια!!!

*Where do you draw your inspiration?

Ideas come from the materials, and I have a lot of them! I also use my imagination A LOT!! I squeeze my mind, I push it!! You can charge me with abuse and violence but thievery? Never!! I draw my inspiration as many serious creators from nature and art! And of course pop culture. As far as my influences are concerned there is a list of them in Battered Couture!

*Is it difficult for someone who lives in Athens (and e.g. not London or New York) to find the raw materials in order to make something unique?

I don’t know the deal with the supplies there, but there must be huge vintage stock! Here in Athens you can find stuff, hidden stores but if I was living away from the city? Let’s just not go there!

*The difficulties you came across as an independent designer?

I work full time since 2000. difficulties? Taxes, insurance, bills, the rent, crazy wholesale customers, copy paste without any shame, back aches and tackyness to a great extent!! Also another difficulty of being a designer in Greece while listening to punk rock and metal is tha you cannot easily promote yourself! (άντε μετά να  κάνεις pr με μισή καρδιά στις φάσεις ψαγμενίλα που πάνε όλα τα εναλλακιτκά ατομάκια..)

*What do you think about the greeks? Do you think they support indie designers? Do they buy handmade things?

The greeks generaly don’t have a clue, they drink their frappe and listen to καψουροτράγουδα. Those of them who understand the scene, they do their best but money is limited and the supply of indie jewelry is large! As far as the ladies are concerned, we have a long road ahead of us! Self – restraint, barriers, cliché! Dare girls!!! Fun is sexy!! Boys like playful jewelry with humour!! Don’t freak out with the years that pass by!! You grow up or you die!! Life doesn’t when you ‘re 30!! And all in good measure!!

*One of your favorite songs or bands?

Favorite bands the inseparable 3: Ramones, Bad Religion and Iron Maiden! But I have to add that I listen to new things as well!!)

You can find Katerina at her studio – shop: Trivonianou 42-44 Mets, call for an appointment: 2109227446 – 6932789208

Superkaterina Sugarline myspace and facebook pages




6 Responses to “sugarline”

  1. a rrrriot indeed! you should have posted a pic of you wearing the necklace girl. That was hoooot.

  2. Thalia said

    i love that girl and her creations!! she is full of joy and energy!!! very inspirational and positive personality!! thanks for sharing the interview!!!!

  3. the1015lab said

    Thank you all for your comments girls!
    Apparently wordpress messed the thing up again and the interview is alla anti allon!! Sorry about that, I will fix it up as soon as I can!

  4. thanks for the interview!!!! lovely creations indeed!

  5. […] (i know) and then while climbing the steep Trivonianou we blinked and missed Sugarline’s shop. If you decide to sightsee around Mets don’t forget to pay a visit (make her a call […]

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