polka dots

December 14, 2009

What is there not to love?

clockwise from left: stylesightings, phosphene, my floor is red, steven meisel


6 Responses to “polka dots”

  1. m said

    polka-dots fill my eyes.
    i feel the looove.

  2. Alecca said

    I tell you, this love is beyond fashion! looking for a pair of those these days.

  3. the1015lab said

    me too! i wonder where can we find them.. Been searching for a link but all i can find is Wolford for 55$! Thanks but no!

  4. haritini said

    hmm.. i was wearing polka dot tights at the WhiteBox event..but as i told Alecca unfortunately they were a gift from the latest trip my mum took to Salonica…
    if you find a store in Athens, pleazzz tell me, too! I’m one of those who only wear their tights once! (the second time there are created small holes all over!)

  5. Thalia said

    polka dots!!!
    still trying to get over them! i mean i went through a period of wearing just dots…nutcase i know!

  6. the1015lab said

    not at all! we all have our obsessions every now and then! 🙂

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