migma unveiled

December 19, 2009

Last week I showed you the bracelets I made for Migma and promised you a more detailed post about them. So here is my Lia, answering the FAQ!

*Tell us a few things about you, what did you study, what do you listen to, where do you go for drinks?

Starting from the most important: drinks! I adore to have them all around Athens, downtown Corfu island and Berlin -but of course all places are welcome, I just mentioned my favorite cities 😉 I’m kind of  a “digital kid”, I studied in Akto art & design college when the digital process of graphic design was still fresh. When I realized I could blend photography with vectors I had that ecstatic experience (you know!) Although i think I ‘ve always been some kind of a photography freak. Later on, I realized  I couldn’t accept easily that photoshop was “the dark room” so I started studying for a year classic photography. In the real dark room, blending again but this time films, papers, water…playing with light and time, damaging my clothes with all these chemicals… the dream came true!

*How did you start making the bracelets?

It was just an idea we had with my partner and friend Stamatis one night at a terrace in the center of Athens. We were 4 people smoking n drinking and the idea just came. Stamatis had made a simple vinyl print on a bracelet with a yellow meander, then I said “if you can make this why don’t you try to print photo on leather?” I think creativity and the need for experimentation were in the air that period. The use of leather, photography, graphic design and some techniques from religious art were the starting point for our creation.

*What is your creative procedure? Do you enjoy the process as much as the idea?

I enjoy the process in anything I do. I’m one of those who think “travel” is the point and not only the “destination”! Speaking about creation I think the idea is totally completed only through the process.

*Have you thought of doing this as a full-time job? Do you think it will work?

Migma was always something else for us. We could make more money from bracelets, we had some suggestions to work for more commercial things but migma was from the start a way of our creative expression. We didn’t want this to change. We made a collaboration with a greek fashion company but only using our own artworks. We also keep our day jobs (I am in the field of fashion doing designs and film process for screen printing and “Cent Stamatis” is making religious paintings (αγιογραφίες) in his own workshop).

*Do you think people are starting to support indie designers? Do you see a difference in their attitude?

Yes I think people support indie designers. People who loved our work -especially 3 years that we were attending Synch festival with a kiosk- are the reason why we continue doing Migma bracelets. They all embraced us. And I also think there is support between us. As a creative team we like to support other designers like indie record labels or alternative creative ideas. We have made some designs for Plasteline records and the fashion designer Venetia Ioakim –these are “migma special edition” bracelets. Also at the next M.Market we’ll have along with us, two friends-Vasilis and Amalia-doing their own great jewelries.

*What do you think about the M.E.E.T market and the other fairs starting to pop out?  

Meet Market is the “one and only” alternative market & non-profit organization in Athens. In other words it is the paradise of indie design and the main place for us to sale. We love to be a part of this colorful family! Speaking about new fairs we are very happy to present next weekend at the Meet Market the new migma special edition bracelets designed from THE1015LAB (that’s you my lady and I hope more good things will follow)! See u soon, take care 😉


You can find migma showing their new collection in M.E.E.T market  this weekend. Also migma @myspace


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