it was about time

December 29, 2009

Being down with the flu during the holidays I haven’t done anything noteworthy apart from wining and moaning all day long and eating paracetamol pills like candy.  So here is a “before Christmas” outfit featuring my grandma’s watch! (mind you, the watch hasn’t clicked a minute since the seventies but somehow, it came to life after a winding!  How weird is that?) Sooo how was your Christmas? Did you have a good time?

l/s and shoes: Asos, skirt: last year h&m, bling: grandma’s watch –  random chains and pearls tights: accessorize


6 Responses to “it was about time”

  1. i had the best x-mas eva!

  2. looking good girl. Hope you’re as healthy as a horse by now. I love the navy top. 🙂

  3. christiana said

    I’m kind of addicted to lace leggins!

    thumbs up for grandma’s watch!


  4. wow love those shoes!!!!!!!

  5. chloe said

    exo ta idia papoutsia sto mple kai to prasino! latremeno kaltson, m’aresoun oi danteles 🙂

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