dye – undye

January 28, 2010

an easy d.i.y with impressive results! I think I will try to dip an old (or a cheap new) pair of denim pants in dye and see what happens

clockwise from left: indigo slims, akdmks, stella mc cartney, fifiluxe



January 26, 2010

5 sides and 5 corners

clockwise from left: asos, stolen girlfriends club, cc skye, noir

brenda walsh

January 22, 2010

Boyfriend says I look like Brenda Walsh goes punk, I say fine by me! I loved Brenda especially when she was a Kelly hater.

leather jacket: zara, dress: random neighborhood shop, booties: asos


January 19, 2010

still in berlin, dominic jones

greek chic

January 18, 2010

While going through my favorite blogs today I came across a post by alecca rox talking about Greece Is For Lovers, a design duo (they are 2, aren’t they?) I am particularly fond of because of their witty sense of humor! So anyway, during the weekend I made this collage of greek inspired stuff but kept it in my drafts waiting for a sunny day to post it. When I read alecca’s tweet about a copy cat I decided to post it anyway because I’d like to make a point: sometimes ideas just fly and certain info can be found in a lot of other blogs and sites. After all it’s the internet and everything is out there for anyone to find. But crediting your sources whenever is possible is a matter of good will to me, while blatantly using someone else is words is poor taste and should be avoided. 

 To the post now: Inspired by ancient Greece and not tacky as Astoria’s greek diners? It can happen. 

clockwise from left: cc skye, natalia brilly, greece is for lovers

nina peter

January 14, 2010

Is winter finally here? Wouldn’t bet my wage on that, but if it is coming after all, I’d like the cold to find me wearing these amazing gloves.

Actually I would trade my wardrobe for a pair:

Nina peter


January 13, 2010

Something about this clutch makes me nostalgic and sad but not in a bad way, it feels like 1910’s my favorite decade, and the boar skulls are all about traveling – with a car –  long distance  –  maybe Mojave desert or wherever dry and sunburnt  listening to “Camaro”. And the shoes? well the shoes made me shed a tear or two! (tears of joy)

clockwise from left:  deadly creatures, gianni barbato, alexander mc queen (who else?)

vertical stripes

January 8, 2010

Thalia from Life in Athens mentioned an obsession, I believe most of us share: stripes! How about vertical stripes? I think they are a  pleasant alternative to the horizontal, aren’t they?

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plus size

January 5, 2010

Is plus size the new “trend”, if someone can call it like that, emerging this season? I see more and more editorials featuring women full-er than the normal stick-like models and you know what? I feel kind of relieved! Sometime in the near future this pressure we all feel about being thin and flawless and perfect should just stop.. I mean really, it’s very irritating when all you see on the catwalk is legs thinner than my arm and walking skeletons! I am not some kind of a zealot of “dove-love-your-body-as-it-is” kind, neither I believe that the below model is +size compared to normal everyday women, on the contrary I find her thin! Also trends come and go and all this could be a marketing trick for approaching a different clientele, but if finally someone finds beauty in a normal, healthy looking body and is able to highlight it as a trend then I ‘m all for it!

V magazine editorial

p.s. can i please have the accessories and shoes like, now?