plus size

January 5, 2010

Is plus size the new “trend”, if someone can call it like that, emerging this season? I see more and more editorials featuring women full-er than the normal stick-like models and you know what? I feel kind of relieved! Sometime in the near future this pressure we all feel about being thin and flawless and perfect should just stop.. I mean really, it’s very irritating when all you see on the catwalk is legs thinner than my arm and walking skeletons! I am not some kind of a zealot of “dove-love-your-body-as-it-is” kind, neither I believe that the below model is +size compared to normal everyday women, on the contrary I find her thin! Also trends come and go and all this could be a marketing trick for approaching a different clientele, but if finally someone finds beauty in a normal, healthy looking body and is able to highlight it as a trend then I ‘m all for it!

V magazine editorial

p.s. can i please have the accessories and shoes like, now?


2 Responses to “plus size”

  1. ominim said

    Mark Fast knew what he was doing then. I guess anorexia promotion is everywhere – even Ms Dahl swapped her gorgeous hourglass figure for a skinny one. Media is definitely the source of this malice, but it seems that it has found its way through high street store nouveau-sizing and among “friendly” hyper-dieting circles. I hope this trend catches on for boobs’, tums’, bums’ sake.

    • the1015lab said

      yes exactly! Never understood why Sophie Dahl had to lose all these pounds and become a regular looking (though very pretty) model, when she could have been alone in her throne of curves! Let’s see how it goes..

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