greek chic

January 18, 2010

While going through my favorite blogs today I came across a post by alecca rox talking about Greece Is For Lovers, a design duo (they are 2, aren’t they?) I am particularly fond of because of their witty sense of humor! So anyway, during the weekend I made this collage of greek inspired stuff but kept it in my drafts waiting for a sunny day to post it. When I read alecca’s tweet about a copy cat I decided to post it anyway because I’d like to make a point: sometimes ideas just fly and certain info can be found in a lot of other blogs and sites. After all it’s the internet and everything is out there for anyone to find. But crediting your sources whenever is possible is a matter of good will to me, while blatantly using someone else is words is poor taste and should be avoided. 

 To the post now: Inspired by ancient Greece and not tacky as Astoria’s greek diners? It can happen. 

clockwise from left: cc skye, natalia brilly, greece is for lovers


3 Responses to “greek chic”

  1. Alecca said

    Love the spirit behind this collage!

    Thanks for the link, I agree with you all the way, mentioning your sources is a matter of good will as well as relevance. The copy-cat issue was eventually resolved and the only reason I bothered was because of the striking similarities and the initial claim that it was a simple coincidence.

    Both credit and support are deeply appreciated;)

  2. viciousv said

    well said dear!

  3. Rai said

    Greeeeek ! ! ! Yeah ! ! !
    I love that bracelet!
    The candles are a little bit funny :p


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