mary katrantzou for top shop

February 1, 2010

Top Shop continues the collaborations with up and coming designers. This time I feel a tiny pinch of pride since this one is a greek who’s making it big abroad! Isn’t it a little sad, though, that if you dream of becoming a fashion designer the only way to make it is if you pack your bags and “migrate”? Anyway we will have to wait until late February to obtain one piece (or more!), so thanks on line shopping and dear credit card, I will keep that in mind!

via: six six six, pic: top shop


6 Responses to “mary katrantzou for top shop”

  1. viciousv said

    it is sad dear..

  2. the1015lab said

    hahah! don’t mock me vicious v!

  3. Christiana said

    I think I’m done! like Petroula.. I so love Mary Katrantzou!

  4. lopi said

    God, I hope they don’t disappear the first 10 minutes from, I’d love to get my hands on one!

    • the1015lab said

      me too! I don’t think they ‘ll be gone instantly but it’s always wise to be alert just in case! 🙂 They won’t be cheap though, I heard they will be around 70£..

  5. natalie said

    Oh, niiiice! 🙂

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