fluo on nude

February 3, 2010

I really love it when opposites meet, that’s why this is one of my new favourite summer obsessions! Seen on Valentino ss10 haute couture but also making discreet appearances on shoes this pop of a hot fluo color is making the subtle and pale backgrounds (wood, taupe, nude) look sporty and fresh!

clockwise from left: su-yoon, finsk, valentino


5 Responses to “fluo on nude”

  1. iamnoisadoraduncan said

    tha to timisoume

  2. my my the su-yoon look fantastic.

  3. viciousv said

    erxetai poly fluo skia koritsa..gia peraste na sas mpogiatisoume!

  4. […] είχα εντοπίσει και παλιότερα εδώ, ήρθε όμως η στιγμή το trend αυτό να χτυπήσει τη high street.Eσύ […]

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