another skirt

February 9, 2010

This fabric was in my closet for a long time until I decided I had to do something with it! So here is my new diy skirt with elastic belt which is supposed to be a balloon. Don’t let the picture fool you! 🙂  The ring is from Dimitra Maurikou, a very talented indie designer who is to be found in my favourite M.E.E.T Market, make sure you check her out!


7 Responses to “another skirt”

  1. marianne said

    einai poly wraia opos kai to kalosxhmatismeno podi pou thn anadeiknyei.
    teleio kai to papoutsi.

  2. the1015lab said

    s’auti ti foto niotho ligo xontropoda!

  3. Α, μπα? said

    υπέροχο μπλογκ!

  4. viciousv said

    e,oxi kai xonropoda mhn ta parw.swsth kataskevh podiou leme..ela shmera ap to kwlomagazo exw kati na sou dwsw.egw to ennow..haha 😛

  5. Thalia said

    τέλεια φουστίτσα! δέχεσαι παραγγελίες? ανταλλαγές????

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