black gold

February 19, 2010

Usually I ‘m not fond of Diesel.  Seems to me that they have lost their goal and they produce very busy and unedited sportswear. But, since this season we find Sophia Kokosalaki on the wheel of the “Black Gold” line I thought that I ought to give it a look!  Sophistication incorporated into Diesel’s raw and dirty style, which clearly means: success. My 4 favorite looks below

pics from


8 Responses to “black gold”

  1. Thalia said

    i quite like desiel jeans although i find them overly expensive1!!
    kokosalaki for desiel though should be interesting!!!!

  2. efi said

    the first dress is stunning!

  3. chloe said

    oooh, looks interesting! i like the outfit with those rusty coloured jeans in the 4th pic…

    p.s i ordered the clogs, aaaaaaaggggggrrrrr!

  4. you got an award missy.:)

  5. the1015lab said

    Oh babe!! thanks so much! I just saw it!!! Our IT has restricted all the comments and I cannot thank you properly!! I am so honored!!

  6. Alecca said

    she did a good job with that collection, didn’t she? Not too Diesel, not too Kokosalaki. (congrats on the award!)

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