non plus one

February 26, 2010

Tracy Antonopoulos (who, dare I guess? is of greek origins) and Gia Coppola, directed this short film  for the launch of the new line of Opening Ceremony. The atmosphere certainly has the distant touch of Sophia Coppola, who is Gia’s aunt ,which for me is a good thing, All n all the film is cute and funny!
I like the way O.P. decided to show their new clothes! Quite a mix isn’t it?
Unfortunately I cannot embeed the video (why?? does anybody know?) but if you click the picture you will be redirected to vimeo!


2 Responses to “non plus one”

  1. Alecca said

    this is such a feelgood clip, i just can’t get enough!

    (not sure why embedding failed, naked tile made it, check it out, maybe this source behaves better

  2. the1015lab said

    🙂 They must be both from vimeo but something is wrong with the wordpress platform! I copy pasted the code several times, for some reason it didn’t work!

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