bright and tribal

March 20, 2010

I vaguely remember this techno tribal trend when I was 8 or 9 years old, the very fat Reebok and the animal prints in bright colors, the mc Hammer harem pants (I-will-never-wear-this-thing, hear me fashion marketeers), even some of my sketchbooks had this mixed striped patterns on the front page! Well let’s face it, when the trends that were on when I was 9 re-emerge, I must be getting older! Truth is I think they look a lot  fresher and wearable now.

Tina Kalivas, brokenfab, burger and friends


2 Responses to “bright and tribal”

  1. Thalia said

    i love tina kalivas but i know what you mean by trash! i mean these kind of tribal-folklore beaded earrings..c mon! hahahaha

  2. the1015lab said

    we used to make bracelets like this, remember? Of course not THAT elaborate!

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