March 30, 2010

Sooo, 2 weeks of fashion are over, Easter is ahead and many things have happened! I never made it to see Zoulias show because the place was packed (which reminded me of a sold out concert, long time ago, mixed feelings), a classmate I haven’t seen for years won the best designer award (he was worth it) and my dear Bianca took a hothothot picture of me! I also met in person 2 of my favourite bloggers Thaleia and my namemate Haritini, they are both lovely* 🙂 In other news:  look what landed on my doorstep! A cherry red mannequin who will help me make some new skirts without actually pining them on my waist! And last but not least check Supermarketsarah to see how she is selling vintage on-line! Innovative – funky – and above all very very tasteful site! Leaving you with the ultimate Easter color and counting the hours until I ‘m on the plane to Istanbul! Have fun y’all!

*and of course Alecca Rox! One more lovely girl!

pic via


4 Responses to “supermarketsarah”

  1. efi said

    i saw your photo and you look hothothot indeed! 🙂

  2. Istanbul!!! you just have to go to the hamam luv. have have have to. have fun!

  3. Thalia said

    lovely seeing you again as well!!
    hope you start making even more skirts without hurting yourself :P!
    i love supermarketsarah!!!!!

  4. Alecca said

    aha. face to blog, now it all adds up! did not realise before, u know i’m a regular;) (now you know i’m also kinda abstract) pleasure meeting you too!

    *supermarketsarah’s walls are fun and fantastic.
    **happy Easter & enjoy Istanbul.

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