knotty girls

April 28, 2010

clockwise from left: lizzie fortunato, little fille, the vamoose


April 25, 2010

Following Thaleia’s example I try not to shop (too much) and make my own clothes or buy handmade! (Try is the key word here because every now and then I buy a little something from the usual cloth-chains) While in Istanbul I followed this rule religiously, I even skipped some nice skirts from Topshop and now I ‘m regretting it. Anyway the shopping scene there is not big, but there are some gems like  Lazy in Beyoglou which stocks one of a kind shoes made from Turkish designers. And this is where I  indulged in the below pair!

If you intend to visit Istanbul anytime soon, make sure you check this shop! I can’t find their website but there is a facebook page where you can see some more shoes! All of them absolutely cute.

istanbul snapshots

April 11, 2010

This city is in a constant frenzy comparable to another metropolis like maybe New York, but with an essense of the East so familiar to us greeks! The smell of fish broiled over charcoal reminds me of the islands and people moving around to every direction looks like a port during vacation time. Open air markets selling anything, from cooking utensils to turquoise beads, old people playing backgammon in men-only cafes not at all similar to the trendy ones filling Athens quickly and man, the hammam, the apple water pipe.. But also ‘hip’ neibourhoods with  small boutiques and antiques!

I could go on forever but ok, I stop. Probably you will either love it or hate it and need I say I loved it?