istanbul snapshots

April 11, 2010

This city is in a constant frenzy comparable to another metropolis like maybe New York, but with an essense of the East so familiar to us greeks! The smell of fish broiled over charcoal reminds me of the islands and people moving around to every direction looks like a port during vacation time. Open air markets selling anything, from cooking utensils to turquoise beads, old people playing backgammon in men-only cafes not at all similar to the trendy ones filling Athens quickly and man, the hammam, the apple water pipe.. But also ‘hip’ neibourhoods with  small boutiques and antiques!

I could go on forever but ok, I stop. Probably you will either love it or hate it and need I say I loved it?


5 Responses to “istanbul snapshots”

  1. viciousv said

    teleies photos.u got it.

  2. Alecca said

    oh ur so lucky u got to see this side of the city. I’ve only been there once -for a day- and all I got to see was traffic like no other! lovely photos, do share more anytime;)

  3. lucky you! i always wanted to visit the city but haven’t made it yet.. sometime soon i hope 😉

  4. Thalia said

    hey girl! great pics!!
    we want to see more!
    i ve been to instabul with my grandma some years ago and i did love it as well!

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