April 25, 2010

Following Thaleia’s example I try not to shop (too much) and make my own clothes or buy handmade! (Try is the key word here because every now and then I buy a little something from the usual cloth-chains) While in Istanbul I followed this rule religiously, I even skipped some nice skirts from Topshop and now I ‘m regretting it. Anyway the shopping scene there is not big, but there are some gems like  Lazy in Beyoglou which stocks one of a kind shoes made from Turkish designers. And this is where I  indulged in the below pair!

If you intend to visit Istanbul anytime soon, make sure you check this shop! I can’t find their website but there is a facebook page where you can see some more shoes! All of them absolutely cute.


9 Responses to “lazy”

  1. Elena said

    The shoes are magnificent! Great choice!

  2. leinti nti said

    nice shoes but I disagree with you with regards to the shopping scene. istanbul has a vast shopping scene with amazing brands like yargici, machka needless to say all those little vintage shops and boutiques in tunel, bebek, akaretler, and at istinye park.

    • the1015lab said

      It was my first time there and I thought that the cukurcuma and the small streets around istiklal was all there is! Don’t get me wrong Athens doesn’t have a big shopping scene either, at least as far as my taste is concerned, so when I say that the shopping scene is not big I mean in comparison to Berlin – London – Paris! Next time I ‘ll visit the city I’ll contact you for tips if that’s ok!

  3. Thalia said

    those shoes are to die for girl!
    truly love them!

  4. Sun_Li said

    A little bit retro in navy style with polka dot…hmmm! i like them!

  5. chloe said

    veeeery cute shoes! they have a very nice vintage vibe, perfect for summer 🙂

  6. natalie said

    Ooooh, love the shoes! The shop looks amazing! My mum is going to Istanbul soon, I might have to convince her to buy me a little present there. 🙂

  7. lopi said

    You chose well! These are amazing, a pair of heels Supergirl would wear!

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