lucy hutchings

July 26, 2010

art deco meets the bronze age! oh bliss..

pics via start london


under neon loneliness

July 9, 2010

clockwise from left: stockholm streetstyle,  2threads, rackk and ruin

gillian horsup

July 6, 2010

While going through the blogs today, I stumbled upon THE POP.  The stories are always good but this time I’ve read the most interesting and inspiring interview since … well ages.  It’s about Gillian Horsup, a lady the age of my grandmother who sells antique jewelry, among others. The amazing thing is, not only that she still runs her business with nerve and passion comparable to any youngster out there but she also has a website and a blog and a facebook account and apparently she has learnt what needed to be learnt in order to get more google hits and the list goes on! Take a look and I guarantee you a big smile after reading!

click: THE POP


July 1, 2010

clockwise from left: vena cava, wolvesandbucks, amazing plexiglass ring from vinca USA, google images random galaxy pic

July 1, 2010

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