September 15, 2010

rust and dust

old vs new

my tan is now long gone

me somewhere in the back, I ‘ve been stalked


September 14, 2010

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pops of orange

September 6, 2010

farewell to the purples! orange makes its big comeback this season along with the beiges and the warm greys and the olives. About time.. Though not a big fan of orange I think this year everyone needs a more optimistic color palette as opposed to the purples that dominated the scene for way too many seasons! Of course we won’t get rid of the “blues” (pun intended) so soon but a girl can hope right?

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way to go andy

September 2, 2010

I ‘ve been away for almost three weeks wandering around Crete and Kithera, so yesterday as soon as I come home what’s the first thing I do? I watch 3 episodes of P.R. and gosh did I enjoy it? I damn well did! Drama, tears and some raw talent was there as always but this time I had a dress crush on this one: 

he actually used ribbons which he braided and twisted and glued over a fabric base. Nice one!

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