La Cite des Enfants Perdus

October 25, 2010

Somehow All saints style brings this movie in my mind, the ragged clothes, the sound of the engines and the dirty basements. It was Lately when I discovered there is actually a movement called “steampunk” , a whole culture of mighthavebeen represented by authors and romantic scientists, it seems to me that this word represents both the brand and the movie. Some accessories and clothing are to be found under this word like the compass necklace below or the arachnoid sculpture! definitely if overdone it tends to be childish but I wouldn’t say no to this pair of earings (I bought them a few months ago actually! hehe)

clockwise from left : all saints, made by moe, microbotic

athens walks: mets

October 22, 2010

I decided I want to be a tourist in my own city, walk around the neighbourhoods I usually drive past by and just look at the buildings and try to find something still hidden! The weird thing is there are a lot of unknown places waiting to be discovered even when you think you ‘ve seen it all! So this weekend it was the Mets, first we walked around the 1st Cemetery like 2 happy ghosts trying to find Vougiouklaki’s grave 🙂 (i know) and then while climbing the steep Trivonianou we blinked and missed Sugarline’s shop. If you decide to sightsee around Mets don’t forget to pay a visit (make her a call first). Bianca thanks for the picture!

 Just a few steps away you will find la.trap featured also on HariK’s blog. Minimal with a berlinesque vibe the shop stocks clothes, toys, prints and jewelry some of them displayed inside an old fridge! Oh joy oh joy!

Then just around the corner there is this alley with the dream house for which I could kill. I. am. dead serious.

Street art and me with my denim uniform (of course, boyfriend’s shirt, one of the many I borrow all the time)

And last but not least: colibri. Say that you walk around all day and you could eat literally anything, do you expect that this small joint, with the  kitchen in full view and the tables on the sidewalk, would serve one of the best burgers in town? Well actually yes we did because the people from Athens daily secret had warned us. 🙂


October 6, 2010

I strongly believe Nicholas Potash should be famous!

Marios Schwab is already famous. And dark and enigmatic, he is my new obsession. I didn’t know that he is also a half greek who grew up in Athens, how about that?

via: nicholas potash,

(I have no clue what these symbols mean! I googled ”occult” and there they where)


October 5, 2010

Printemps in Paris and the new window displays inspired by New York

via: I prefer Paris