london baby!

November 3, 2010

If there is a thing I love more than London is London’s flea markets. Once in a million there is a chance of sun and this was the day we run into the Broadway market! What a wacky mixture of cheese, clothing, poultry.. whatever. Take your neighbourhood’s sunday market, add some hipsters and some second-hand clothing and jewelry. There, you have it!

Broadway market, Georgian food around the corner and the Regent’s canal all in very close proximity, should be enough for a sunny Sunday!


3 Responses to “london baby!”

  1. Alecca said

    ohh.. hadn’t seen this post.
    flea markets are very high on my ‘missing from London’ list!

    • the1015lab said

      oh man don’t get me started on this! Can we please have a flea market της προκοπης? Avisinias is getting gentrified and of course monastiraki isn’t a flea market at all! hmmm..

  2. Becca said

    Aw I studied abroad in London in ’06… I miss it!


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